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Lost: Season 3 Finale Questions And Answers - ::~::[xsinsofsilencex's journal]::~:: [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lost: Season 3 Finale Questions And Answers [May. 29th, 2007|12:16 am]
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Just posting my belated thoughts on the absolutely mind-fucking brilliant season finale of Lost. Following Lost tradition, the season finale had many answers but asked even more questions. I'm okay with that, considering as we got a snake-in-the-mail-box at the end that caused me to say more "WTF??!"s in a row than ever before. This is what I liked, didn't like, and everything in between.

The Good:

  • Jack is no longer a two-dimensional hero type cutout. It turns out he has more layers than an onion. Ever since his return from the 'bighouse' he's gotten some balls. No more is that "live together die alone" inpirational speech, here comes the "get yo' ass in line or I'll bust a cap in yo' " or whatever. Sacrificing 3 to save 40 is what any good leader would do, however, seems like he made the wrong decision making that call causing him to spiral into a pill-poppin', Nirvana lovin' homeless man. Failure is not sweet. And it seems Jack is not unlike his Daddy. Then he beats Ben into a bloody pulp, the man he defended from being tortured by Sayid. Told you he had balls! Either that or he's lost he mind.
  • Juliet-Jack-Kate-Sawyer just got more complicated. I do love soap opera drama. The fangirl in me was squeeling at that Jacket moment.
  • Sayid has thighs of steel!!!!! Wow, with thighs like that who needs guns? It was totally unrealistic to snap Other #13's neck like that but who gives a shit? Sayid and Jin are BADASS! If that scene was a school yard, Sayid and Jin would be the coolest kids in school and Bernard would be the nerdy little science geek with Y-fronts and wedgies pulled over his head. Bernard sang like a canary! But to be fair, he's just a dentist. Not Rambo.
  • Thank you Sawyer for finally clueing in that Kate is just using you. Skate are like two peas in a pod, perfect for each other, but Kate can't seem to decide whether she likes vanilla or chocolate better. The grass always looks greener on the other side, I bet that if she was with Jack she'd be fawning all over Sawyer. Ugh.
  • Bonnie and Greta. Talk about dominatrix! Bonnie was the funniest part of the finale. It's probably just me but I thought she was hilarious. The way she shouts "I told you to shut up!" was perfectly executed. Too bad she bites it.
  • Juliet is more honourable than I initially thought. She went back to the beach knowing perfectly well that it was a suicide mission, but for what? Not for her it seems. I assumed that she was in it for herself and herself only, but her actions this episode were completely selfless.
  • WALT!!!!! The Island takes form of Walt once again, but this time he comes in post-puberty form. Locke is now the one answering to Jacob now (one would assume) not Ben, who by the way has turned into a blubbering idiot.
  • Anonymous dead guy it seems will keep us guessing until next season and beyond. My guess? We haven't met him yet.
  • "Alex...this is your mother." As far as fucked up family reunions go, this was the funniest. And their first mother daughter bonding experience? Tying up Alex's adopted father!
  • Hurley's 100mph VW hippie van rescue. After having been shuned to the side this season, Hugo gets some redemption. About bloody time Lost creators. The most underused character this season. We need more numbers!
  • Sawyer: "That's for taking the kid off the raft." and "I didn't believe him." Sawyer's in a dark place right now; "Screw character development!" the lost writer's said, "We prefer badass Sawyer, to mopey puppy love Sawyer!" I'm sure most of us would agree.
  • Charlie's death was perhaps the most dignified way anyone could die. He came a long way from the selfish heroine sniffer(?!?!) to perhaps the one that saved/doomed them all by sacraficing himself. Which comes to my next point...
  • NOT PENNY'S BOAT. Well who didn't see that coming? Me. This adds to Lost's never ending questions: Who does the boat belong to? Why did she have the photo of Desmond and Penny? Why did she have a Portuguese version of Catch 22 when she's British? And how the hell did she survive a tree branch puncturing her lung only to die instantly from a knife in the back? The never ending, never ends.
  • The snake in the mailbox jumps out and bites me in the neck. Kate's in Jack's flashbacks? WTF?!?! Oh right! They're off the island! And FYI it's not good. Jack, looking like a hobo, meets Kate, looking like an airbrushed Sports Illustrated addition, meet in a not so secret or subtle airport location to reminisce about good old times on The Island. Lost question #2342-#2348: How did Kate and Jack get off The Island? Why weren't they supposed to leave? Why does Jack want to go back? Who's Kate's 'him'? Why wouldn't Kate go to Anonymous' funeral? Why would a survivor of a plane crash want Golden Pass air tickets? The list goes on.
I will continue my list at a later date because I have so much more to say! Watch this space.